Linping in Spring







Here are some more from Spring 2014. Hangzhou and Linping. My backlog of developing, scanning and posting never seems to go away…

Tian Du Cheng – Hangzhou’s Paris





Tian Du Cheng is a place that I like to visit every time that I am back in Hangzhou. Each time I go, it is a little more run down that the last. It was built just before I moved there in 2007. It was shiny and new. They had hoped that it would be a large tourist attraction and built it as such. Now it is a state of disrepair. The houses are empty, the parks are largely overrun, and people don’t really go.

Tian Tian aka Emily





This post was technically where my trip began. After leaving Beijing, I hoped on the train to Hangzhou to see Emily before flying out of Shanghai. It wasn’t a long trip, but I always enjoy my time in Linping and Hangzhou, the place where my love of China really began.

Emily is a large part of the reason why I grew to love China. She made that first year in Linping bearable. The place is not the most foreign friendly town, and even though I don’t think she realizes to what extent, but Emily helped me out greatly.

These days, I don’t get to see her as much as I’d like, but I am always thinking about her. The girl rocks.

The End of Saskatoon

This is the last of the color film from China. It was taken in Hangzhou and Linping during my last week there before coming to Canada. You will have to excuse the crap scans. I am stuck using my OLD Canon scanner with junk software. It just sort of auto-everythings the files. The end up over-contrasted and crappy looking.

Since coming back to Saskatoon, I have felt like an outsider. I am familiar with most places. I remember how to get almost everywhere. I recall people that I used to know. Yet I just don’t FEEL like I belong here. Everything is too open, too spread out, too insignificant. I am grateful for seeing my friends and family, but I am glad to be getting out of here next week. Toronto for a couple weeks and then back on the road. Just one bag and a camera. Bliss.

Cities Revisited, Friends reaquainted.

It took an airplane, high speed train and a bus, but I made it back to Linping to see some old friends. Spring Festival is finally over and another trip down. I traveled to Shanghai, Hangzhou and Linping. I ate lots of food, I shared some stories and had a generally rad time. This is but a sample of the pictures that I took while I was there.

I am tired.

I have NGC TV!!!!

So I was blessed with National Geographic TV today. Back in Canada I would often spend many a Sunday, sitting on the couch watching Crisis Zone while drinking coffee. Now it looks like I will be able to do it in China as well. Just swap coffee for green tea and couch for bed…

My City – Yuhang/Linping

This guy sits in a park that is in between two busy shopping streets.

This is a street market that opens up every night, but during the day it is just a regular crazy Chinese street. If you are a local, it is a great place to buy bootleg clothes and DVD’s.

The city is full of crazy canals. They are everywhere. I am sure that they are full of pollution though. I never see anyone in boats like Venice.

The city is also full of monuments and other large granite artwork. Makes for pretty cool scenery at night.

I know it sounds crazy seeing as how I just got here and all, but I am already planning my return to Saskatoon in a year. You see, I found this thing called the Trans-Siberian rail line. Basically, it travels from Beijing to Moscow in 14 days. I think that would be a hell of a trip. Take that and then catch a bus or 6 to somewhere near England, fly into England, hang with Jim and tony for a few days and then fly back to Canada. If anyone wants to come, just let me know in the next 11 months.