I’ve been having nightmares recently and it has been killing my sleep. Waking up at 3 a.m. in a panic sucks when it takes an hour to fall back asleep again. No common thread to the dreams or anything. My mind is just working overtime I guess.

Cold setting in





The cold is setting in and it has me thinking about my trip. Prague was a great city. It was snowing for part of my trip and that made it even better. There is something about photographing in snow that I find fantastic. The light is challenging but more interesting. One giant reflector.

Prague – Czech Republic






Having a cold in the hot summer sucks. Double that in Beijing where the air is never really that fresh and clean. I’ve spent the last few days with a brain splitting headache that has me lying around with my eyes closed when I am not at work. I was close to buying a bottle of Gin to see if it worked better than the Tylenol did…

Castles and Snow






These shots were taken at Neuschwanstein Castle near Fussen German, minus the photo of the people walking by the river, that was in Prague. It was a perfect day to go traipsing along a forest path to a castle. Fresh show, a partially cloudy day with big pillow-like soft clouds. This was also the day that I learned not all cars on a German train go to the same place. For instance, the first car breaks off at one of the stops and then goes to a place that you were no intending to go, while cars two through seven go where you wanted to go. I got hopelessly confused and lost trying to get back to Munich. But the best part of not having a plan when you travel is that it really doesn’t matter if you get lost. Just roll with the tide and see what you can find. I eventually made it back to my hostel and celebrated with a cold pint of German beer. A fine day indeed.

All of these were shot with my ever-faithful companion, the Leica M2 with a voigtlander 35 1.4 on Arista Premium 400 film. Sorry for the bad scans. My scanner has some temperamental issues at times.

More iPod picture love




Here’s a small update for everyone. I am now in Thailand. Europe was draining my budget faster than anticipated and frankly I was sick of snow and a lack of sun. Getting here was an adventure. Prague to Helsinki to Bangkok. I had to sleep in the Helsinki airport which was strange. Being in a nearly deserted airport at night is odd. Flying over Moscow at night is also odd. The kremlin glows with the brightest white lights that it is easy to pick it out in the center of the city.