Time is running out

This is poser disposer. They are a local band that really killed this weekend. Friday on a whim, I decided to hit a local show. I had nothing else to do and really wanted to hear some live music. Was I ever in for a treat. These guy really kick ass. Fast and hard, they had the entire bar (The Basement) running around like crazed animals. They even managed to get one guy to strip naked and mosh for about 25 minutes. I am going to miss the live music when I leave. With 50,000 people, I am not expecting much of a music scene.

The rest of the weekend was pretty fun too. Went on a pub crawl, then hit an 80’s party afterwards. I think I have seen enough 80’s related stuff to last a while though.

This Friday is my going away party. I do hope that everyone can make it out. I know that I am only going away for 2 months, but do people really need a reason to party on a Friday? I think not. If anyone needs directions, call or email me and I’ll get you hooked up…

No Pictures

No pictures for this post. I have a bunch from Dallas’s grad that I have to work on. My flash was being stupid and it over exposed a bunch of frames, so I have some post-processing work to do. I now know why people rave about Nikons flash system. Canon is lacking in that department. Speaking of Dallas’s grad, it was quite enjoyable. The speaches dragged on a bit, but the food was great and the after party was fun.

So the Cadillac is back on the road. It had an issue with the transmission. It decided to do a self purge of all it’s fluids over the winter. I have a feeling the front seal is blown, oh well. I can live with it the way it is, but I should fix it…

In preperation for school and keeping myself sane, I chopped the control panel from the old Commiecade arcade machine and turned it into a one player controller that I can fit in my suicase. I can now play mame in Res. Score!It isn’t anything too fancy, but it gets the job done.

In s strange note, I was contacted by Streetlight Scenery. They apparently saw me taking pictures of their show and wouuld like to see the pictures. This seems normal, but the strange part is I never talked to anyone from the band. So how they got my contact info is WAY beyond me…

Punks not dead

So I went to a gig on Friday with Danielle and Brian. Danielles work friend Josh was putting it on. We get there and the doors aren’t open yet so We went for a pint at O’sheas. Once we see people start going in, we decide to head in. Man did I ever feel like the old one there. I swear that most people were under 18. I did get hassled at the door by the rent-a-cops for having my camera. All it took to get in was Danielle finding Josh and him giving the OK. After that no problems. The bands were Adolyne, Streetlight scenery and Tombstone Diaries (Who ruled the night) It was a blast. It has been ages since my last show. I have to start going to more.

So I got an e-mail from school. They need someone to take pictures for the handbook and Ryan dropped my name. I have to get them a portfolio and resume. I have the portfolio, but I have never had a proper resume. I have to write one up tomorrow and get that to the school. A little extra cash is always good.

Go listen to some heavy music and enjoy the nice weather…

The Strike is over…

Well, The strike in Ontario is now over. For those that didn’t hear, All Ontario College teachers were on strike. This caused me great concern, but all that is behind me now. Classes are on and they all start at the regular dates. So as of April 27th, I will be a resident of Ontario for 7 weeks. Then again for 10 months starting September.

I have been racking my brain trying to think what I need to bring with me and what I can buy once i get there. One thing that I know I need is an alarm clock. So if anyone wants to pitch in and get me a going away present, an alarm clock would really be swell. Oh, and Tim Horton’s gift certificates. I think I’ll be living off that stuff for the summer. So much for eating healthy.

A mix of ups and downs

A couple pictures from Dallas’ Reactor party. I was quite fun. That girl is Dea. I was talking to her a bunch and then some schmo came and cock blocked me by claiming that he knew me. She left by saying “I’ll see you later” But then we left. Shit.

My Great Gandma passed away a couple days ago. This is sad, I have many fond memories of her. So needless to say I will be busting out the Sunday best in the next week. The same night, my grandparents house started on fire. Both are OK, but this is also sad, the house was nearly 100 years old and has been in the family for lots of that time. I hope they can rebuild it.

Well, I got the letter that I have been dreading and waiting for at the same time. Loyalist send me my acceptance. I am in. I am still in shock. There is so much to do in so little time. 8 weeks. My head is spinning…

The Birthday Massacre

So last night I had a rather fun evening out with Danielle and Brian. We started off by heading to Broadway Cafe for supper. I had my first hawaiian buger. Damn was it tasty. They put a pineapple ring and a big slice of ham on a burger. Simple yet good. After that it was off to the Yard for a pint of beer before the highlight of the night. The Birthday Massace at The Roxy on Broadway. What a killer show. As a bonus, A high school friends band was opening.

Sick Day

Ugg, Today was a sick day. I stayed home. Yesterday, Danielle and Brian asked if I wanted to go for a pint, but I had to bail on them. I went for groceries and by the time I got home, I knew I was not going to be in good shape today. Scary stuff coming out of my throat. I skipped the gym because I have no energy. I hope this doesn’t last. I hate being sick.

On a completely different topic, I am growing a beard. Sure it’s only been 4 days since I shaved last, but it is coming in nicely. It is truly pissing me off to no end though. It iches. Let’s see how long it lasts.

I finished up more pictures to send to the prof at the school that I will potentially be attending. I hope he likes them. I really want to get in. Have I mentioned that yet?

I also spent all weekend reinstalling windows and all the apps that I use. I was an uphill battle, but I think I’ve won. Everything seems to be working and the extra gig of ram has made a world of difference.

Sleep now.

A New Project: Number 16 North

So i think I may start a personal project of the bus in Saskatoon. Specifically the #16 North. You see, this is the bus that the blue collars ride. Its sole function is to take people to the North Industrial area of the city. I just happen to work in an office that has the unfortunate fate of being in that area of town. Since I park my car every winter and take the bus, I have ample insights into daily bus life. Such as today, we were hit by a car. Everyone on the bus has thier own reason for riding, be it handicap, drunk driving infraction, poor or like me. I think it could be interesting document this. Plus it could work out for my portfolio. Something that I need to work on.

I talked to the Prof from the school that I applied to. The strikes against me so far are that I don’t have any post secondary schooling (Most of his applicants do) and that I am a year younger than most of the fast track students. Jebus, I want to get in. If determination and drive mean anything, how can I convey that to him? He is going to call me back tomorrow and we’ll see what he has to say. (Crossing my fingers) Oh also, if I do get in somehow, Classes start the first week of May. Yikes, that is soon!

Brain Drain

I’ve been thinking more and more about school and what to do if I get in. This is going to be a big change for me. I’ll be moving nearly 3200KM away from anyone I know. I’ll also be downsizing in community size. Belleville is only 50,000 people. Saskatoon is closer to 230,000 people. On the plus side, it is a college community so there will be lots of young people. It is also right on a lake so there is no shortage of things to do.

I was working on the financial side of things this morning. I have $9000 in solid funds right now. The fast track program is going to be about $3500 for everythinng (tuition, food, housing) and the second year is going to be about $8500. I need to come up with $3000 over the next 4 months or so. Looks like I’ll be spending less time going out and more time finding cheap ways to entertain myself…

New Beginings

Somehow I don’t think anyone actually read the site I had here before. If you did, you were an idiot. There were 4 posts that were way to random. Well here it is, 2006 and the site is making a comeback. Call it more of a transition. I am going to be moving from my shitty photogeek rant site to this. This is easier and I can post updates from where ever I happen to be. Which will soon be Belleville Ontario if I get my way. Then after that, somewhere over in Asia. So once again, this is just a test but will be my main way of keeping in touch and letting everyone know what is going on with me at any given moment.