Nanjing – My National Day trip

This week is National Day in China. That means that everyone in the country is on holidays for seven days. I used this time to meet up with my favorite person in China, nay, the world. Emily.

I’ve known Emily since I moved to China the first time in 2008. We’ve kept in touch since I moved away. This was a perfect time to catch up. To make it easier for both of us, we picked a half way point to go to. Nanjing was chosen as Emily’s roommate is from Nanjing so we could save on Hotel costs. Props to Wendy and her grandma for the hospitality.

We went everywhere in Nanjing. It was a tiring but amazing trip. It was rad to catch up with Emily. It makes me miss Hangzhou even more. We talked about me moving back and she told me to stick out my contract (sound advice) and move back after my year is up. So that is my plan. 10 more months.

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