Mid-Autumn Festival

It’s been a while, I know. I am sorry. Just caught up with life in Beijing. The place is cool, but I sort of miss Linping and Hangzhou. The commute to go anywhere here is ridiculous. Also, I find it too modern. Almost not Chinese enough. Linping was pretty backwater, old school China and Beijing is shiny and new (for the most part).

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  1. I’m so jealous you’re there!! Did you get to eat some mooncakes? Since I’m here in New Orleans, I neither ate mooncakes, or saw the moon for that matter. Sadness. The Olympics brought about massive changes to Beijing and made it shiny and purty as can be. But Hangzhou (and Shanghai) > Beijing in my book.

  2. Hey Lan, I ate too many moon cakes seeing as how I don’t really like them. I just got back from Nanjing after spending the week hanging out with Emily (Not sure if you met her at the corner at all)

  3. No, unfortunately I don’t think I’ve ever met with her. Actually my computer died, and I no longer remember the chat number/username I had saved on my old computer for chatting with people in China, so if you see Flora or any of them, tell them I said hello! =] And keep updating! I look forward to them.

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