Dundurn 2009 Mud Drags

This weekend, I went to the Dundurn Mud Drags. To anyone who doesn’t know me, I love motor sports. Any kind. If it has an engine and is loud, I like it. Add mud, beer and music and that makes me a very content photographer. I have found that the best motor sports events happen in small towns. There is a level of camaraderie that isn’t found in cities, even ones as small as Saskatoon.

To say that these guys know motors is an understatement. With the way the track was tossing the trucks around, things were bound to break. When they did, the guys would be quick to fix and in some cases swap parts in order to get down the track for another run.

With summer wrapping up, it means that these types of events do slow down. Not entirely though as once the lakes freeze over, the ice racing begins. There are reasons why I love the Prairies. To all my Ontario friends, you will never understand. Prairie fields, harvest moons and rusted trucks. Welcome to my life.

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