Castles and Snow






These shots were taken at Neuschwanstein Castle near Fussen German, minus the photo of the people walking by the river, that was in Prague. It was a perfect day to go traipsing along a forest path to a castle. Fresh show, a partially cloudy day with big pillow-like soft clouds. This was also the day that I learned not all cars on a German train go to the same place. For instance, the first car breaks off at one of the stops and then goes to a place that you were no intending to go, while cars two through seven go where you wanted to go. I got hopelessly confused and lost trying to get back to Munich. But the best part of not having a plan when you travel is that it really doesn’t matter if you get lost. Just roll with the tide and see what you can find. I eventually made it back to my hostel and celebrated with a cold pint of German beer. A fine day indeed.

All of these were shot with my ever-faithful companion, the Leica M2 with a voigtlander 35 1.4 on Arista Premium 400 film. Sorry for the bad scans. My scanner has some temperamental issues at times.

Rain Rain Everywhere





It seems like the whole world is underwater right now. Mass flooding in Europe and Canada. Beijing has been getting it’s share of rain too, but not to the same level as the previously mentioned places. Might be a good time to buy a Nikonos underwater camera.

I recently celebrated another year on this planet. Today was my birthday shopping spree at the camera market. Some new developing trays, 20 packs of D-76, 20 packs of D-72 and a box of Shanghai 4×5 film. I love shooting film.

All shot on my trusty Leica M2 in Warsaw Poland. All shot on Arista Premium 400 (Kodak Tri-x 400)

No Words





This post is going up without words. Just take the images for what you want.

All shot on my trusty Leica M2 in Krakow and Warsaw Poland. All shot on Arista Premium 400 (Kodak Tri-x 400)

Island Paradise in Cambodia






I went to Cambodia with no real idea of what I wanted to do there. I had taken a flight from Vientiane Laos to Phnom Penh. All I knew is that I wanted to stay at a place called Eighty8 hostel and hang out at the Foreign Correspondents Club. I quickly heard of a place called Koh Rong. I was told that it was an island paradise like Thailand, but how the Thai islands were 5 to 10 years ago; quiet, clean and undeveloped. I was sold. I got the Phnom Penh sights out of the way and a few days later I was on a bus headed to what would turn out to be one of the best parts of my trip.

A little background of my time is South East Asia. I had met some fantastic people at the start in Thailand. We traveled much of the North and into Laos together. One quickly realizes that there are only so many places to go and see in the compact area that is S.E. Asia and you end up running into the same travelers quite often. I ended up keeping in touch with a handful of the people I had met. Graham, a Canadian, was one of those people. He was a fantastic traveling partner. Adventurous, fun and entertaining.

I had traveled to the island alone and spent six days taking in the sun, surf and food. I would wake up and swim, eat breakfast, and read. The nights consisted of chatting with other travelers, and drinking beer while eating BBQ by the fire. After six days, I was getting ready to leave when I got a message that Graham, Brittany and Nadja were on their way to the island. It was settled, I had to stay.

Graham, an avid scuba diver, waxed poetic about the places that he had dived and the ocean life that he had seen. It sounded magical. The four of us were suntanning on the beach when we spotted a sign and a couple of suntanned beachheads. Try Scuba for free. It was a done deal. The girls and I gave it a shot and as soon as my 15 minute dive was finished, I knew that I would not be leaving the island until I was certified…

Poland, humble beginnings of a journey






These photos are from Warsaw Poland. I had just left Canada after spending Christmas and New Years there (with a brief jump to the Dominican Republic for Amie and Clayton’s wedding) This was really what I considered the start of my trip even though I had been on the road for six weeks already. Despite the repeated jet lag of long term travel, I had no problems getting motivated to go out and shoot. After all, the temperature was a good 25’C warmer than Saskatoon. The snow in the photos should be a good indication of just how cold Saskatoon was while I was there.

I feel that it takes a special kind of person to travel long-term. Packing away everything and living out of a backpack is both liberating and scary. This was not my first time doing it, not my second, not my third. It is something that I quickly became addicted to. I love the feeling of being on the road with no destination or plan in mind. For this trip, the furthest that I planned was booking a ticket to Warsaw, after that I let current situations and feelings dictate the course that my trip would take.

The details. All shot with a Leica M2 with either a Voigtlander 35 1.4 or a nikkor 50 1.4 on Kodak Tri-X, developed in D76 1:1.