Merry Christmas

Here is my big holiday post. Sorry for all of the pictures, but they are why this site exists. These were all shot at the Summer Palace in North West Beijing. They were all shot with my Leica M2 and my 50mm Summicron Collapsible. Made in the late 50’s, I often wonder what other things my camera has taken pictures of. In the 50’s and 60’s Leica would professionally stamp your name into the top place of your camera. Mine has the name J.F. Ellison. I’ve done Google searches for the name, but it is a safe bet the former owner is either passed on, or has zero internet footprint. Oh well, it keeps the mystery alive.

All I can say is that the camera is still being put to good use.

More National Day Vacation

Just finished a marathon session of scanning and this makes me feel great. Now I just have to tackle the backlog of film to process. Going to start on this tonight. I’ll be teaching recent film convert and friend Christopher how to process B&W. Without really trying too hard, I’ve converted him to a film shooter. He’s really going whole-hog and has pretty much dumped his digital gear.

On to the photos…

These were all shot with my Leica M2, and Summaron 35mm. Developed in D-76. The first two shots are Shanghai, the Bund to be specific. On the second, is the famous Pudong view. The place has been photographed to death, but it is still a cool view. Even with the new funky bottle opener building (Shanghai World Financial Center).

Photos #4 and #5 are in Hangzhou. They are taken from roughly the same place. Hangzhou is a good mix of traditional temples in the forests mixed in with city views. It’s easy to feel a country vibe even though you are so close to the city. This is one of the big draws for me. Growing up on the edge of Saskatoon meant that I was always less than five minutes from the country. Hello midnight Grasswood Esso races. Hangzhou feels like that to a degree, even though it is close to 8 million people. I just don’t feel that is Beijing. There are no forests to hide in.

The last shot is in Ningbo. It was near my hostel. Right on the lake, and it was one of the few beautiful places in the city. Overall, I wasn’t too big a fan of Ningbo. It was pretty dirty and felt very industrial.

Until next time.

Nothing Witty to Say

Once again, all of these pictures were taken while I was on my trip down to Shanghai and Hangzhou in October. Just getting through the backlog of scanning. Forgive me for not spotting and cleaning them up as best as I could. If it is for the web, I don’t do as much as I would for a print. (Tech data – all taken with a Leica M2 and a 35mm summaron, shot on Tri-x and Neopan 400, developed in D-76)


The holidays are bearing down on me. I did some shopping for Christmas gifts last night and for the first time since being away during a holiday, I actually feel pretty bummed out. I want to spend some time in Canada with friends. The friends that you make in a place like Beijing *can* be like a light version of what most are used to. It is just the nature of the type of person here. The vast majority of foreigners are only here for a year, some times two.


Ah well, enough moaning. Enjoy.