Rain and Heat

It has been raining a lot lately. I, for one, don’t mind the rain. I have a pair of hiking boots that have excellent drain holes. They wash easy, dry fast and are great for any wet work. The light in the rain is amazing. Everything turns into a natural reflector. Light is amplified, colors pop, it’s the magic hour on steroids.

My Life in Beijing – Through Photos

My life is a solid mix of old and new. Much of Beijing is like that. Skyscrapers mixed with hutongs, fast food laced throughout traditional street-side food stalls. I have to admit. It has been getting to me lately. The busy city and endless B.S. of dealing with hours long traffic jams, packed subways and crowds. I need a vacation.

I did recently make a run to Hong Kong for my visa. It lasted all of a day, with about 20 minutes of it in Hong Kong. I flew from Beijing to Shenzhen at 8 am. I crossed the border to HK, I crossed back and had enough time to eat, watch a movie and then catch my flight back to Beijing at 8 pm. It was the furthest thing from a relaxing trip to a city that I adore.

I’ve been thinking of places that I can spend a week at where I won’t feel rushed or feel the need to explore every cool side-street. I also want to do it without breaking the bank. I keep coming back to Yangshuo and Monkey Jane’s. I enjoyed my time there a couple years back, I’ve explored the city and the surrounding area so I am sure I can just go and turn off my brain. Hmmm, when should I go?