Cities Revisited, Friends reaquainted.

It took an airplane, high speed train and a bus, but I made it back to Linping to see some old friends. Spring Festival is finally over and another trip down. I traveled to Shanghai, Hangzhou and Linping. I ate lots of food, I shared some stories and had a generally rad time. This is but a sample of the pictures that I took while I was there.

I am tired.


When I shot the lead photo for this update, I was initially on my way to shoot at Wang Fu Jing. There is a man hole that spews lots of water vapor when the temperature is right and people seem to walk through it all the time. It gives them this ghostly epic look. Back lit smoke does that. However, this day, the temperature wasn’t cold enough I guess. No vapor.

A quick walk to Tian An Men to grab last light wasn’t quick enough and the square was closed already. At least they can’t didn’t close the street in front of the Forbidden City gate.

Tomorrow I am off to Shanghai, Hangzhou and Linping for a week. I am not taking my laptop so e-mail will be sporadic. I’ll have my cell if anyone needs to get a hold of me.