Photographers shooting photographers

Last weekend I took off with some friends to a village outside of Beijing for a weekend getaway. The net result was a weekend of bliss. Good food, good people, snowboarding, mountain climbing and taking pictures.

Granted, climbing a mountain and snowboarding after a night of drinking and only 4 hours of sleep nearly killed me, it did so in a good way.

I shot most of the weekend with my 50 1.8. I love that lens. I also shot a series of portraits with it recently that turned out fantastic out of the camera. I love the color rendition of it. Muted and unsaturated. Sure the build quality is crap, but the colors can’t be beat.

After 5 years, 13 countries and way too many pictures edited, I think my trusty laptop is starting to give up the ghost. The DVD drive died after a fall in Hong Kong, the Screen is getting pretty scratched and lately the USB ports are starting to act up and not work. Could be time for a new Macbook. But I dread spending that much cash when it could be going towards a new camera body…

A Walk in the Park

This weekend I went to Olympic park with Lina . This is what I came back with. Sorry for the odd vertical, it is just the way the picture worked.

I also dropped off six rolls of film to get developed. Had a little bit of a back log going on. In it was a roll of the expired fuji press 800. I hope it turns out ok. It seems to be the only 800 speed color film in town and I want to pick up more. Since it was expired, the price was right. Only 25 rmb a roll, not bad for high-speed color.

Around my Apartment.

All of these shots were taken around my apartment. I was feeling like I needed to update and I have not made it to the lab to drop off my film for processing so they are all digital. I have four rolls of film to get processed and that will probably jump to 6 or 8 rolls at the end of the weekend. Look forward to some film shots soon. I know I have some from Chaoyang Park and some from Lama Temple.