My Little Pony

So Clay and I took a drive out to see Amie at her stable today. She’s looking after the joint while the owners were out of town. They breed mini horses. When I say mini, think 1/4 size. These guys are hilarious. Short, stubby legs and manes that make them look emo. After hanging out and playing with the mini horses, Amie brought out one of the full size horses and we all took turns riding around the circle pen. Ahh, I have to say that I like riding horses. It is both a little scary but fun. Can’t wait to head back out again.

Mexico Adventure

So what happens when you head to an all-inclusive resort in Mexico with 43 friends? Crazy madness. I have to give a shout out and thanks to Mark and Alanna for the killer time and all the help over the week. It was a blast to shoot your wedding. Now to tackle the editing of all the shots…