Hafford Saskatchewan

Danielle, Brian and I decided that a little Saskatchewan road trip was in order on Saturday. We jumped in the car, tossed in a CD and drove an hour and a half to eat at a diner in Hafford Saskatchewan. Most people would ask what would take us out to the middle of nowhere to get a burger.

If a 16 pound burger or a 45 pound pizza isn’t enough, there is the atmosphere. The Silver Sword and Chalice is one strange place. With medieval swords and gold chalices decorating the place, it has the kitsch that you only find in a small town. Mix in the stories of the Chef, an orphan from Toronto that picked the area by throwing a dart on a map, and you have a fun way to spend an afternoon.

For less than $10, you can get a 1/2 pound burger, fries and a pilsner beer. But if you have the appetite, AND 15 friends, the 16 pound burger is a measly $55. Just make sure to bring your own rubbermaid container so you can take home the leftovers.

New Toys

So I picked up a Beseler 45MX enlarger this weekend. I never realized how big it was going to be. However, at $50 the price was right. Let the printing begin.

A New Look

So, you can see that my bog has undergone a make over. I’ll save everyone the agony of going into too much detail, but lets just say that my old provider (blogger) was discontinuing support for the way I did things and the new way would have killed my blog in China.

With the change, there is going to be some teething issues as I work on learning this new software out… Please be patient.