Pearls of Wisdom

I shot a tuffman contest at the Odeon. It was THE worst light that I have ever shot in. F1.8 200th of a second at 1600. That was in the good spots. The lighting in the ring was so uneven that in the corners it would drop down about 5 stops.

There are certain things that I have been told over the years that have stuck with me. Buy good glass the first time. If you cheap out, in the end you will regret it. If you see a group of people shooting in one area, go somewhere else so that you have unique shots.

The one that has been huge for me came from Frank O’Connor, one of my teachers at Loyalist. His nugget was to always have a small notebook and pen with you to jot down photo ideas. Then when you are in a slump you always have ideas to try out.

I’ve been jotting down a series of photos that I want to try after reading “Annie Leibovitz At Work” The book inspired me and now I have a very specific set that I want to try. I’ve got 6 shots in mind but some of them require the weather to break. Looks like I have plenty of time to plan stuff out…

200th Post

I just finished up a large photo montage. 150mb. 48 layers. I was thinking of putting some of my China photos together to hang on my walls. I was looking at my contact sheet and thought that it looked pretty cool.
Why not make a poster that looks like a contact sheet? Every image on the sheet is a separate layer, as is ever negative strip, all the text on the header and the background. I did it this way so that I could nudge and move everything independently. The big thing for me is that I labeled all my layers. As much as my desk is neat and tidy, my photoshop layers seldom are.

All together I have about 30 hours into this thing. Editing 36 images takes time. Next Friday I get to pick up my 20×24″ print.