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So vancelester is now live. It will be going under some slight changes, but nothing too drastic. Just changing of some images and possibly some headings. Re-branding of ones self is a time consuming task. It is nice to finally have it done.

I need to get out and take more pictures. I feel like I’ve been in a photographic slump. Outside of work, I’ve not taken anything in a while. I can partially blame that on my busted foot, but now that I can walk around pretty decent, it’s time to get out and shoot more.

The goal, a new set for everyone in a week. Let’s see what I can come up with…

New Site soon

So here is a little preview of my new site that should be up in a couple days. It will be at and it will be a link to all my work and my blog. Built for both high-speed users and old school slow dial-up people.

Here is my busted up toe. Yes, I set up a flash in an umbrella for this shot… Even if my foot is jacked, at least it should be lit well.