Welcome to the ’70’s skateboard revival

Ninetimes and Escape Sports had the first annual SLUG contest this weekend. It was pretty cool to see how many people are into the old style of skateboarding. There was speed, slide, slalom and head to head races. I was really impressed that the organizers went to the effort of getting the city to shut down a street so they had a decent course.

There was a full on hesh revival also going on. Ripped jean shorts, mustaches and ratty T shirts ruled the event. Good times.

Rainy Weekend

So I spent the Friday at the Horse Track with Naomi. I was loving the rain, she was hating it. I thought it made for some good pictures, she disagreed. But I guess that is because I had more artistic freedom than she did. The rest of the weekend was a wash. Literally. It rained all weekend, thus killing the airshow.

Not really anything much to say. My roommates are back so I should be less bored. This weekend is a downhill skateboard comp, and the weather looks like it should be not bad. Here’s to hoping.

New Project

Trevor – Lawyer
Stephen – Hotel Manager
Solarbud – Artist
Nolan – Student

So I started a new project recently. Nothing ground breaking, but it should keep me busy while I am in Saskatoon. It’s called Soul of a City and the premise is portraits of the variety of people that make up Saskatoon.

I have been going nuts the past few weeks. I need to get out of here already. Saskatoon just doesn’t feel like I thought it would since I came back. Anyone up for some travel?

Not much New

So this is just to say that I am still alive. This week I am blogging for NPAC. I am breaking the rules and spending the week to talk about my time in China instead of my daily grind.

Last week I started on my Portraits of Regular Saskatoon People project. I’ll post some of those pictures tomorrow maybe.

It has been really slow in my life lately. Danielle and Brian are on the road, I have the house to myself. I’ve been spending my time trying to find a way to get back overseas ASAP. Anyone want to give me money?