Captain Clay Preps the boat for a weekend of fun in the Saskatchewan sun.
Geoff takes duty as first mate and pushes offshore.
Footprints in the sand. Just part of the lake experience.
Diana shows how to drink a beer and tube at the same time.
Old Milwaukee, key to a successful lake trip.
A lone canoe on a mirror lake.
Clays boat and a lonely dog that we nicknamed Drew Barrymore.
Goodbye Brightsand Lake.

Back from the lake, boy is it nice to have a shower and shave. The weather was not the greatest, but the clouds did break occasionally. It managed to only rain after the days were done.

Being on the lake makes me wish I lived in a place like Atlantic Canada or coastal BC. I read books like Captains Courageous by Rudyard Kipling or 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea by Jules Verne and I wish I lived on a boat. The cool breeze and the freedom of floating on the ocean (or in my case, lake) is like true bliss. I’d even settle for a nice secluded cabin on a far away lake and a nice old wooden Chris Craft to float around on. One day.

Fun in the Sun

Rusty Malinoski, 2008 World Wakeboard Champ, Flips and spins on the South Saskatchewan river in Saskatoon.
Dallas and his dad, Tom, hosted the Fourth of July party once again.
Clay preps a burger while tossing down the horns.
Andrew shows off his sparkler to the camera.
Andrew is not camera shy.

My summer is shaping up to be jam packed with fun. This weekend is a lake trip at Jackfish. Boating, beer and burgers. Next up is Elfros 100 year weekend. That will be much like the lake trip. Next is Clay’s hot tub party. Too many things, not enough money or time.

I’ve been scouring the job boards looking for industry related jobs, but thanks to the resession, the jobs are few and far between. There is one that I am going to apply for, but I’ll stay mum until I hear something.