Nick and John

Nick and John have made it to Saskatoon. Both Eastern boys were lucky enough to experience a true prairie winter storm. We got a pile of snow and temperatures of close to -40 C. And people wonder why I am moving…

China Bound

What photogs do when they are bored will blow your mind.

So by now I am guessing that everyone knows that I am off to China for a spell. Hope to see some faces before I leave. If not, I want to thank everyone for everything since my return from Ontario. If you are ever in China, drop me a line…

I live with two chefs. Good chefs. Scratch that, great chefs. Trained, certified, traveled and spectacular.

Every night I know that I am in for a culinary treat. With a few deft moves, they can produce fantastic meals from stuff in the cupboard that I would not have the slightest idea was edible.

As such, we watch lots of cooking shows. The best of the lot is called A Cooks Tour. I have started watching it again tonight and it made me think of a meal that I have not had in some time. It is something that my mom would make wen I was growing up.

Chicken hearts in mushroom sauce.

To most it would sound like something that is fed to the dogs. Not in my house. It is fantastic. I haven’t had it in years. A Cooks tour made me long for it tonight. Maybe I’ll cook up a batch tomorrow…

Some Old Stuff

Here are a few old shots from the ring flash… Nothing mind breaking but something.



Two of Danielle