Ham Party #4

Clay utilizes one large remote to control the Ham Party.

Notice the catch lights in Clays eyes. The ghetto ring light made an appearance at the ham party.
Amy also gets the ghetto ring light treatment. Also notice the size of her glass… I think Clay has a thing for over sized household objects…
The Ham Party officially begins…

Clay Shows off his culinary skills with a nice pan of baked hash browns.

A nice steaming plate of fried ham. All ready for a night of drinking and eating. Look at the nice fry marks. Now that is some fine looking meat.

Crystal enjoys her smoked ham with honey slathered on it. As the founder of the Ham Party, she is always on hand to make sure the feast is prepared to proper hamtastic standards.

Wedding fun…

This is a selection of photos that I shot for a wedding in November. This could have actually changed my mind about shooting weddings. The Bride and Groom made it a fun and enjoyable experience. And no, not all the shots are B&W, it just turned out that out of the that I grabbed to post, five were…

Old Band, New CD

Graham Poop from Porksword plays to a sold out crowd at Amigos on December 22 2007. Despite not having played for a number of years, the gang decided to hold a 15 year reunion show commemorating the exact date of their first live show at Sid’s Garage. Still living the adage “Live by the sword, Die by the sword” the band was in top form.

Ring Flash…A strobist DIY project

So I just made the beta prototype of my ring flash. As you can see, I’ve got the ring part down, now I just need to get more light to the top of the ring. I figure some tinfoil on the centre part tube should do it. The galvanized steel just isn’t as shiny as I thought it would be…

No pictures!

So there are no pictures in this post. This is purely an informational / rant post.

I move around a lot. I have known this for a long time. In the past 10 years I have lived in 10 places. It seems that I just get bored after being in one spot for too long. I have hit that point again. I’ve been back in Saskatoon since April (minus October which was spent on the road) and I feel like it is closing in on me. It’s a feeling that is hard to describe but needless to say, I am looking at getting out of here as soon as I can. The only problem is the finances. Spending October on the road depleted my funds a little. Add to that, when I am in Saskatoon I have a tendency to live the high life. I don’t do that when I am away.

Here’s to the travelers that read this site. You are the only ones who can know this feeling that I have…

Track and field and hockey?!?!

So this weekend I went to a track meet at the Field House in Saskatoon. It was the typical tack meet in such that it was VERY unorganized. I love shooting T&F when the venue is set up right and events are spaced out. This was so much not ideal shooting conditions. The events were over lapping in the arena, people were everywhere, event times were late. The one saving grace was that I was able to get a killer location to shoot the running events from.

In an effort to be a good prairie boy (and to give me something to do with a certain someone) I picked up a set of skates. I was asked if I could skate, I did tell the truth, I can skate, I just haven’t done it in a while.
Well after thinking about borrowing some that probably don’t fit me anymore, I decided to just go out and buy a new pair. Now I can play pond hockey like a good prairie boy. Time to head to the folks house and get my stick. It’s hockey night in Saskatoon.