So the big game was on this weekend. It was a fairly mellow night in front of the TV with a few random guests stopping by. For the heck of it, being the big camera geek that I am, I set up a camera behind the TV and grabbed some shots.

This is how the game was spent. Beer, food and lots of game related tension.

Riders fans pour out onto 8th street to celebrate their win.

A man is taken into custody after throwing a firework at a cop car. He tried to run, but the cops were faster and more sober than he was…

One officer celebrates the riders win and his own after catching a man who threw a firework at the side of the paddy wagon.

Huskies Basketball

Shot the Mens basketball game this weekend before heading out for a night on the town. Good game, we smoked the U of L boys. Way to go green. After the game I ran into one of my old teachers, Mr. Doug Njaa. This was the one teacher that helped me through some tough times in high school. It was when a few friends died, I was having rough time in some of my classes, but he helped me through it all. Shout out to him. By the way, he is now the VP of Marion M Graham Collegiate. Congrats.



This is Lisa. She’s cool. Everyone should meet her. She is a photographer that takes amazing pictures.

Proving that the news never stops, a paper sits outside what is left of a house destroyed by wildfires in San Diego California.

A chimney is the only structure left after fire ravaged the suburbs of San Diego California. Started by arson, the total cost is claimed to reach the billions of dollars.

Even the rich were not spared in the fires that swept through San Diego in October 2007. A burnt-out shell of a high end luxury car sits as a stark reminder of the fires that spread so quickly.

Back In Saskatoon

So I am back in Saskatoon, frantically editing the photos and trying to get the video done as well. I was in Calgary yesterday for a birthday party. Yes, Clay and I drove 6 hours each way just to go party with some friends.

I will make a larger more detailed post with photos in the next day or so. Right now I have too much to do though.