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Trip to Ontario

Hilltops football, Saskatoon September 2007…

Ok, Sorry for the lack of updates, but it has bee a really hectic month for me. I have been working my second job as a warehouse bum. I put in 119 hours in the past two weeks. The reason for all of this? I am heading to Ontario for a month. I leave on Monday. I am really looking forward to seeing everyone before I skip over the pond for a while. Thanks in advance to everyone who is offering up a place for me to stay.

Other fun news. I now have an iPhone. Unlocked and working on Rogers. Don’t ask me to unlock your phone. It was hell and not nearly as easy as the popular web sites like Gizmodo make it sound. Little scary reflashing the baseband on a $500 new phone… My number is the same as before, so text me lots…