Now this is a story that is just too bizarre for me to write about in this small space. It involves a 5 car accident, an axe attack and it all started over a kids fight in a ball pit.
This is the StarPhoenix article about how the chase started and how it ended with an axe.

An overview of the accident scene. Thanks to the family that let me into their house to get this picture from thier balcony. Access is a great thing.
An police officer specializing in accident reconstruction surveys the vehicles involved in the accident.

A member of the Saskatoon Firefighters checks on an upturned van that was involved in a 5 car collision.

One of four youths is taken into custody after a five car collision that left one person in hospital.

A police officer take statements from witnesses after a high speed chase ended in a five car collision that left one person in hospital and four youth charged.

Demolition Derby with a $40,000 purse?

You heard me right. There was a demolition derby last weekend that I attended. They had a 20 car finale with a prize of $40,000 for the last car running. It had been roughly 15 years since I have been at a demo derby. All I have to say is wow. It was so much fun. They were pumping classic music like Skid Row, Warrant, GnR, Metallica and the rest.

Burnt tires, fire and gas. It was amazing to see what these cars are capable of and still run. No rubber, rums falling off, no quarter panels.

To offer a little variety, they had a tough truck competition. Regular trucks, regular people driving, not regular roads. The truck below flies through the air right before breaking an axle and forfeiting.

The Jet cars at Saskatchewan International Raceway. These things are fast, 260 MPH and a 1/4 mile time of 6 seconds fast. What do I do? Stand right where I am not supposed to. This car was just warming up the jets before it’s pass.

This was a modest car that ran in the 10’s. So I guess it was kind of fast. Nothing like the jet cars though.

A major draw for the spectators is the burn-outs that the cars do to warm up the tires for better traction. A lone track monkey is overcome by burnt rubber smoke while directing the cars.

Not only do the cars go fast, the bikes also like to put on a show. At around 10 times lighter than a car, these take much less motor to make a fast pass.

And yes, the wheelie bars do actually server a purpose. Just do ask how he steers with the front wheel off the ground for the majority of the run.

A student designer shows off the University’s winning entry in the 1/4 scale tractor build-off outside Bearing and Transmission, one of the university’s sponsors.

I had my ten year high-school reunion. I felt like dressing up, so I bought some new dancing kicks. like the camera geek I am, I felt the need to take a picture of them.

Megan Lane performs at Lydia’s.

The Saskatoon Jazz festival makes it’s way back to Saskatoon. With the weather finally breaking 30 degrees, people were out in droves.

Moses Mayes front-man, Grant Paley, lays down the beat using a unique blend of vinyl and computers at the Saskatoon Jazz Festival.