Saskatoon Police were called to the University at just before 5 pm. There was a report that a man was spotted carrying a gun on campus. Police locked down certain buildings but no gunman was found.(Vance Lester/Star Phoenix)
One woman was taken to Royal University Hospital after a hit and run on Thursday shortly after 2 PM. The woman, in her mid 40’s, was crossing Ave F at 22nd street. The woman was conscious and stable condition with undetermined injuries after a silver SUV hit her. The driver of the SUV fled the scene after initially stopping to check on the lady. (Vance Lester/Star Phoenix)
Maura Davies, President & CEO of Saskatoon Regional Health Authority, answers questions at the press conference announcing the approval of a new Childrens Hospital in Saskatoon.(Vance Lester/Star Phoenix)


Well the internship is done. My final day was on Friday. What a way to end the shift. I was filing pictures at the office when I heard the scanner go nuts. Someone at the U of S apparently saw a gunman on campus. Well needless to say, I jumped up, grabbed a reporter and booked it down there. After much standing around and chatting with other media people, they called off the search and we went back to the office. That will be one thing I miss. The adrenaline of the scanner. I think I will have to get one of my own…

Nick comes into town on Wednesday, and then we are off to WCNPA news conference. Should be good times. I dig road trips. Plus I should get to see lots of people I haven’t seen in ages. So if you are in Vancouver and have some time, call my cell.

I have a couple projects that I am going to start now that I have an excess of time on my hands. I know that I should get a part time job, but I just really want to shoot. And these two projects are sellable. So technically I would be working…

It sounds so soothing to mix a drink and sink into oblivion.

Gerry Hagen hold one of three bullets that pierced his body. Hagen was shot three times by unknown assailants at his residence in Mexico. A supervisor for a Canadian drilling company that has operations in Mexico, Hagen spent lots of time in the region leading up to the shooting. In charge of the payroll, Hagen is unsure if the shooting was a robbery gone wrong or an unhappy employee of a recently fired water company out for revenge. (Vance Lester/Star Phoenix)

Karen Fryson, a resident of the Parkridge Centre, spends time in the Sensory Room on Monday, a space dedicated to rehabilitation utilizing sight, sound and smell. (Vance Lester/Star Phoenix)

Wayne Hauck, a resident of the Parkridge Centre, spends time in the Sensory Room on Monday, a space dedicated to rehabilitation utilizing sight, sound and smell. (Vance Lester/Star Phoenix)

So it was a solo day for me today at work. I was the only photog on duty as the other three were in training. Once they were out of training I talked to a couple of them for a while and they all seem quite happy with my performance there. Only if I could get on full time. I think I could be quite happy at a paper of that size…
Journalist geek in full swing. I got a new pen today that pretty much rules. Just to prove how big of a geek i am, I photographed it. I did so using two strobes, three pocket wizards and some light modifiers. Yes I am a lighting geek as well…

An accident, involving three cars, sent one teen to hospital with non-serious injuries. The accident occurred at 33rd Street and Warman Road on Thursday afternoon. (Vance Lester/Star Phoenix)

Ed Marshall shovels his driveway Thursday morning. During the night a light snow fell causing drivers some grief. With the day time temperature forcasted for well above freezing, Marshall commented “It’s not really necessary (shoveling), it would have melted anyways.” (Vance Lester/Star Phoenix)

A kayaker paddles the river Thursday. With the temperature well above freezing, many people were out enjoying spring weather around Saskatoon. (Vance Lester/Star Phoenix)

Gloria Fletcher protests against the Saskatoon Health Regions cancellation of Bariatric surgery, a process where the stomach size is reduced and the small intestine shortened. (Vance Lester/Star Phoenix)


Only in Saskatoon can I photograph someone shoveling in the morning and then photograph someone kayaking in shorts and a t-shirt in the afternoon. There was a 15′ C temp fluctuation in 5 hours.

All in all it was a good day. Warm enough that I was able to walk around in a light sweater while finding spec shots. Tomorrow is looking even better…

You can’t fucking herd geese

Kay Vennett holds a photo of her father, Pte. Pat Gleason, who fought in World War One at the battle of Vimy Ridge. The battle that took place 90 years ago claimed 3,598 Canadians before it was won. (Vance Lester/Star Phoenix)

Terry Beaton shows his frustration as he tries to return some CD’s and books at the Frances Morrison library on Monday. The pile of returned goods was so high that items could not be left in the drop slot. “If I left and someone took them, I’d be billed a couple hundred dollars” commented Beaton. (Vance Lester/Star Phoenix)

Nick, one of the raddest up and coming shooters in Canada. Watch this guy. He is going places.


So as for the title… I wanted a nice wide angle shot of geese. There are about 60 that hang out in a park in downtown Saskatoon. I set up a remote cam, put some bread in front of the lens and then tried to heard the geese towards my camera. End result? No picture other than shots of me chasing geese. these birds are smart…

As for the job, I love it. This place is great, however i know that I want to do long term projects. Bogalusa was great. I want that feeling again.

A lone goose watches a jogger near Kiwanis park. The forecast is calling for below normal temperatures and snow for the next couple days. (Vance Lester/Star Phoenix)

Ryan “The Hitman” Henney of Saskatoon prepares for his Canadian Cruiserweight Title bout Wednesday. The Edmonton fight is on April 13. Henney has a standing of 6 wins (4 KO’s) and 2 losses. (Vance Lester/Star Phoenix)

Alvin Nelson, Chris Longman, Tracey Gunn, Martina Buffalo, Sue Delanoy and Clinton Takakenew stand in the new expansion that they are building at Core Neighborhood Youth Co-op in Saskatoon’s west side. Delanoy, the executive director, is helping kids learn skills that will keep them out of trouble and off the streets.(Vance Lester/Star Phoenix)

So here we are, one week back in Saskatoon. I miss everyone in Belleville. I miss school in a way, but I really do enjoy the people that I work with at the Star Phoenix. Everyone is really nice. I am working the split shift. Noon to 8. I enjoy this. I get to sleep in, and I am working for all the high points of the day. I mean really, what happens before noon that is news worthy? Yea, that’s what I thought. Nothing.

Many people have been asking me about the Juno’s. Here is the low down. I had a good time. I had crappy access but I still had a blast. For the most part, the bands that i met were really nice. I would especially say that about Brent Fitz. The guy was great. I met him at the airport while he was waiting for his friend to pick him up (no car service – he knows people here) and then i ran into him on Saturday as he and his friend were wandering the streets of downtown after getting sick of the red carpet BS. He recognized me and we chatted for a few minutes. Great guy!

Other than that, it was cold. That was the junos. I am now doing real work and I like it better.