Tony Lee looks on with pride as “PeeWee” eats whipped topping from a Sharktank staff members buttocks. Lee, a hypnotist, put on a show at the pub that can only be described as crass, yet hilarious.

Len Shittell and his dog Rosa do some shopping in Downtown Belleville on Tuesday January 30th. “She makes a good companion,” Les remarked about Rosa, “Good friends, both her and Sassy” (His other dog). According to Karen Allen, New York State University, “Pets fulfilled their owners’ psychological needs for attachment and nurturance.”

Andrew Dacosta of Loyalist and Richard Buckley of Durham College fight or possesion of the ball at Tuesday nights basketball game. Loyalist once again showed who was boss with a 77-67 win.

Larissa Dykstra of Loyalist gets physical with Durham Colleges Carly McGhie at the basketball game on Tuesday night. Despite a valiant effort, Durham took the win with a final score of 54-50.

My corner store

John’s Variety Store on Station Street has been open since 1974, with John (shown) and his wife Anna and their son Louie as the only employees. As a variety store, they have more than just candy and drinks, such as pickled eggs and sausage, always a tasty treat.

Basketball is the bomb!

So I have been shooting lots of hoops. College hoops rule! I am so getting into the right job. Here is a bunch of shots from the multi-day 36th Annual New years Classic that was held at Loyalist in early January.

A quick note

So while I was in Saskatoon for the holidays, I dropped of a portfolio CD at the Star Phoenix, the local daily paper. Today I got a call from the editor. Guess who scored an internship!!! Sometime in April I will be making my way back to Saskatoon for 3 weeks to put in some hours shooting for a 55,000 daily circulation paper.

Beau Getson go down for the save after Dean Gay tries to slide the shot in. Beau and the warehouse crew came out the winners in the second annual B&T Christmas Shinny tournament.

Josh Palmer belts out a song at Lydia’s on Broadway Ave. Singing to a packed bar, Jos used the performance to release his EP a few months ahead of his full length album. One of the winners of the Rawlco Radio Up and Comming Artists, Josh was given a grant of $10,000 to record a new disk.

Sarah Crooks of the U of S Huskies fights off Georgia Harvey of Lakehead in the final game of the Radisson Invitational Annual Womens Basketball Tournament. With a final score of 102 to 68, the Huskies dominated the entire weekend.

Danielle Deroo enjoys a coffee while reading Saskatoon’s alternative weekly, Planet S. With the unusually warm weather, Danielle has found it easier to get out and about despite not having a car even in the middle of winter.