The Strike is over…

Well, The strike in Ontario is now over. For those that didn’t hear, All Ontario College teachers were on strike. This caused me great concern, but all that is behind me now. Classes are on and they all start at the regular dates. So as of April 27th, I will be a resident of Ontario for 7 weeks. Then again for 10 months starting September.

I have been racking my brain trying to think what I need to bring with me and what I can buy once i get there. One thing that I know I need is an alarm clock. So if anyone wants to pitch in and get me a going away present, an alarm clock would really be swell. Oh, and Tim Horton’s gift certificates. I think I’ll be living off that stuff for the summer. So much for eating healthy.

A mix of ups and downs

A couple pictures from Dallas’ Reactor party. I was quite fun. That girl is Dea. I was talking to her a bunch and then some schmo came and cock blocked me by claiming that he knew me. She left by saying “I’ll see you later” But then we left. Shit.

My Great Gandma passed away a couple days ago. This is sad, I have many fond memories of her. So needless to say I will be busting out the Sunday best in the next week. The same night, my grandparents house started on fire. Both are OK, but this is also sad, the house was nearly 100 years old and has been in the family for lots of that time. I hope they can rebuild it.

Well, I got the letter that I have been dreading and waiting for at the same time. Loyalist send me my acceptance. I am in. I am still in shock. There is so much to do in so little time. 8 weeks. My head is spinning…