A New Project: Number 16 North

So i think I may start a personal project of the bus in Saskatoon. Specifically the #16 North. You see, this is the bus that the blue collars ride. Its sole function is to take people to the North Industrial area of the city. I just happen to work in an office that has the unfortunate fate of being in that area of town. Since I park my car every winter and take the bus, I have ample insights into daily bus life. Such as today, we were hit by a car. Everyone on the bus has thier own reason for riding, be it handicap, drunk driving infraction, poor or like me. I think it could be interesting document this. Plus it could work out for my portfolio. Something that I need to work on.

I talked to the Prof from the school that I applied to. The strikes against me so far are that I don’t have any post secondary schooling (Most of his applicants do) and that I am a year younger than most of the fast track students. Jebus, I want to get in. If determination and drive mean anything, how can I convey that to him? He is going to call me back tomorrow and we’ll see what he has to say. (Crossing my fingers) Oh also, if I do get in somehow, Classes start the first week of May. Yikes, that is soon!

Brain Drain

I’ve been thinking more and more about school and what to do if I get in. This is going to be a big change for me. I’ll be moving nearly 3200KM away from anyone I know. I’ll also be downsizing in community size. Belleville is only 50,000 people. Saskatoon is closer to 230,000 people. On the plus side, it is a college community so there will be lots of young people. It is also right on a lake so there is no shortage of things to do.

I was working on the financial side of things this morning. I have $9000 in solid funds right now. The fast track program is going to be about $3500 for everythinng (tuition, food, housing) and the second year is going to be about $8500. I need to come up with $3000 over the next 4 months or so. Looks like I’ll be spending less time going out and more time finding cheap ways to entertain myself…

New Beginings

Somehow I don’t think anyone actually read the site I had here before. If you did, you were an idiot. There were 4 posts that were way to random. Well here it is, 2006 and the site is making a comeback. Call it more of a transition. I am going to be moving from my shitty photogeek rant site to this. This is easier and I can post updates from where ever I happen to be. Which will soon be Belleville Ontario if I get my way. Then after that, somewhere over in Asia. So once again, this is just a test but will be my main way of keeping in touch and letting everyone know what is going on with me at any given moment.