Canada in November





I always seem to make trips to Canada in the worst possible season. Last time was April, before that was December, this time is November. Ah well, a true Canadian doesn’t complain about a little snow or cold weather.

Toronto – Land of the crazy mayor




When I was in Toronto, I had the pleasure of attending a fantastic wedding party for a friend from Saskatoon. It was great to catch up with her. I am terrible with keeping up with people in Canada. I really need to work on that. Sorry to everyone that I should talk to more.

Toronto and Poland

trip2013326 copy


trip2013343 copy

trip2013346 copy

trip2013357 copy

The first shot is from Toronto. Night time at the GO train station, the other four are Warsaw Poland. The more I think back on my time there, the more I know that I want to go back. Poland is a great country and I quite enjoyed my time there.